How to Use the Golden Mean Ratio in Architecture?

Answer Since 500 BCE, the golden ratio has played an important part in the production of architecture. This ratio is found throughout nature and can be successfully transposed onto the proportioning syste... Read More »

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What is a golden apple?

Tomatoes are known as golden apples. They earned this nickname in Italy, where the first imported tomatoes were golden in color. Their Italian name is pomodoro, which literally translates to "golde... Read More »

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It is not entirely clear what the golden fleece in the story of Jason and the Argonauts meant. Some believe it represented royal legitimacy or power, but there are numerous other hypotheses.Referen... Read More »

What is the Golden Rule of Christianity?

Some call it the ethic of reciprocity; others call it the Golden Rule. In the Bible Jesus taught this rule to his disciples, and it became a cornerstone of Christianity and a pillar for human relat... Read More »