What is the going rate for reading tutors?

Answer The price of reading tutors varies from $20 to $80 an hour throughout the United States. Tutors with more education and teaching experience tend to have higher rates, as do tutors trained to help c... Read More »

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What is the average reading rate for an 8th-grade student?

The average eighth-grade student in America reads 250 words per minute. The educational background, knowledge of the subject matter and the student's speech level can all have an affect on reading ... Read More »

What is the going rate to fix a printer?

If your printer cost less than $100 buy a new one. They are almost free when you count what the ink is worth. Fixing one will probably cost $50 for someone to look at it.

What is the going pay rate for housekeepers?

Rates for housekeepers varies based upon the area where you live, how often you require services and the size of your home or apartment. As of July 2010, national chains charged an average of $175 ... Read More »

What is the going rate for babysitters?

Babysitting rates vary according to the sitter's age, experience and qualifications, the number of children and their ages, location and other factors. The average hourly pay rate for babysitters r... Read More »