What is the going rate for cleaning an office?

Answer It depends on the square footage of the office. The formula for getting the rate of each job can be found at It has an office cleaning square footage price chart.

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What is the going rate for house cleaning?

A 3 bedroom house if it takes about 2 hours to do you can charge $80. Also depends on the amount of cleaning because some people want the clothes laudered and dishes washed and that normally isn't ... Read More »

What is the going hourly rate for house-cleaning services?

On One Hand: Standard RatesHouse-cleaning services are valued on a regional basis, with prices varying based on location, size of the home, and the services required. Expected costs for a one-time ... Read More »

What is the going hourly rate for house cleaning services?

The average wage per hour for a house cleaning service job is between $20-$25, depending on the condition and size of the home. Also, if the cleaning person has to bring the cleaning supplies to th... Read More »

Can you suggest what type of vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning carpet in office?

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