What is the goal of monetary policy?

Answer In the United States, monetary policy is the business of the Federal Reserve Bank. This agency seeks to control inflation and stimulate economic growth by controlling the supply of money.MechanismT... Read More »

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What is fiscal policy&monetary policy?

Fiscal and monetary policy refer to two classes of economic policy that governments and central banks have at their disposal. Fiscal policy involves government use of its budget to affect the econo... Read More »

What is a loose monetary policy?

When a government has a loose monetary policy, its central bank makes credit more available, thereby making money "cheaper" and growing an economy. This usually happens by lowering short-term inter... Read More »

What is monetary policy framework?

A monetary policy framework refers to the overall objectives of monetary policy, as well as the tools policy makers have at their disposal to achieve those goals. Central banks enact monetary polic... Read More »

What is a monetary policy determined by?

A country's monetary policy is determined by its central bank or other central financial institution. Since 1913, the Federal Reserve has established and implemented the monetary policy for the Uni... Read More »