What is the goal of dividend policy?

Answer The aim of this decision is to retain the resources in the business that are required to run the business or make additional investments in the business, as long as the returns earned exceed the re... Read More »

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Nominal Dividend Policy?

A firm can do one of two things with profits: 1) reinvest them--in which case they are counted as retained earnings; or 2) give them to shareholders in the form of dividends. A firm's dividend poli... Read More »

What is a life insurance policy dividend?

When life insurance companies are making a profit, they can share it with their policy owners by distributing a portion as a dividend. Dividend amounts and frequency of payments are determined by t... Read More »

The Effects of Debt on Dividend Policy?

The question of what factors determine a company's dividend policy is a matter of a good deal of controversy, both in boardrooms and in universities. There is little room for doubt, though, that in... Read More »

What is the goal of monetary policy?

In the United States, monetary policy is the business of the Federal Reserve Bank. This agency seeks to control inflation and stimulate economic growth by controlling the supply of money.MechanismT... Read More »