What is the global economic system?

Answer At the end of World War II, many government officials began to notice the increasing interdependence of the world's economy, where one nation's economic decisions have a great effect on the economi... Read More »

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What is a global economic meltdown?

In 2007 and 2008, the U.S. housing market collapsed amid a wave of defaults by homeowners. Fueled by globalizing trends that drew the world's economies closer together, the crisis went worldwide, a... Read More »

How has the US foreign policy attempted to respond to global and economic challenges?

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How Will the Global Economic Crisis Affect Internet-Related Jobs?

The global economic crisis has affected jobs the world over. Unemployment still remains a problem in the United States and many other countries. Internet-related jobs and businesses are not immune ... Read More »

Is arms control economic reform and global politics part of the US foreign policy?

Yes indeed it has always been Americas policy, of arms control, economic reformsand global politics is part of American foreign policy.