What is the gift for a 20th anniversary?

Answer In the wedding anniversaries section of Emily Post's "Etiquette in Society, in Business, in Politics and at Home," the author lists proper items to give for milestone wedding anniversaries, includi... Read More »

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What is the gift for a 20th year wedding anniversary?

Every anniversary is associated with a traditional and a modern gift. For 20 years of marriage, china is both the traditional and modern gift. Those who wish to purchase a gift for the couple could... Read More »

Traditional 20th Anniversary Gifts?

China is the traditional 20th wedding anniversary gift. Twenty years of marriage earmarks the commitment made to a life together, and celebrating this anniversary with china will add a touch of ele... Read More »

Business Gifts for a 20th Year Company Anniversary?

A company's 20th anniversary is a milestone, and you may want to make the occasion special by giving your manager or employees a gift that's not only sentimental, but also useful for the continuati... Read More »

Lately I got a iMac from my parents as my 20th birthday gift. Do you guys know any of media player?

All Macs come with iTunes. You can also download and use VLC.