What is the genre of A Separate peace?

Answer tragedytragedy/ coming of age story/ sometimes considered a war drama

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Does gene find peace within himself in a separate peace?

this is a debatable question so their is no exact answer yes or no, but i believe he does. he finds peace with himself when finny finds out about the incident because if finny never would of found ... Read More »

How does gene find peace in a separate peace?

Gene reaches his peace when Finny dies. Because Gene's mental rivalry manifested jealous actions and constant guilt, Finny's death was the end of Gene's own personal war. Thus, everyone has their o... Read More »

What does the title A Separate Peace mean?

A separate peace is when, for example, one country makes peace with another while they still are knee-deep in battle and blood. (During the American Revolution, France did not want America to form ... Read More »

Does finny have a last name in a separate peace?

No, he does not have a last name. He is the only one in the book really without one. I believe it planned that way because of that he died in the end. Some type of symbolism that I do not have time... Read More »