Vicodin dilaudid same on 12 panel ua?

Answer Inform people on past drug experiences whether it be prescription or not, help keep people safe and inform them on the effects, the milligrams, the name of the drug, and how many you took, and your... Read More »

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Is Dilaudid stronger than Percocet?

Yes, Dilaudid is stronger than Percocet. Dilaudid, whose generic name is hydromorphone hydrochloride, is a narcotic analgesic prescribed to relieve moderate to severe pain. Percocet is a narcotic... Read More »

What's stronger Fentanyl, Dilaudid, or Percocet?

The Fentanyl is the stronger drug. The 25 mcg is usually a good starting dose. I don't know how much you're taking but you have to be really careful with those patches, I've been taking the 100mcg/... Read More »

What is stronger, Percocet, Fentanyl patch, Dilaudid, or Norco?

You couldn't urinate because you were so high from the fentanyl, you have to concentrate and try harder. That was the strongest! Dilaudid is also very strong, much stronger than Percocet. But th... Read More »

How Do I Get a doctor to LEGALLY prescribe Dilaudid a great pain killer that works on of my pain areas?

When the body experiences pain it is trying to tell us something and we need to listen. The Dilaudid will only mask the pain but the underlying condition will remain. Dilaudid is a very strong drug... Read More »