What is the general name of a store where fish is sold?

Answer Fish for consumption are sold at fish or seafood markets. A person who sells fish is called a fishmonger. The markets are similar to butcher shops for beef and pork products. Fish for pets are sold... Read More »

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What type of General electric rotisserie ovens are sold at walmart?

Shouldn't be a problem. The 250V is likely a maximum rating and it is designed for 220-240 V service. Just make sure the current draw is less than the circuit breaker rating.

Where does all the electronic stuff not sold at the store end up ?

Does anyone know the names of the fish sold in Chinatown,San Francisco?

Fresh. No really the fish are brought in each day in tanker trucks and put in store tanks until they are butchered.

Five Reasons Why a Store Will Mark Down Merchandise to Get It Sold?

Pricing is an important strategy for helping retail businesses sell products -- determining optimal pricing for a product can improve a business's competitive position against other retailers. Redu... Read More »