What is the general name of a store where fish is sold?

Answer Fish for consumption are sold at fish or seafood markets. A person who sells fish is called a fishmonger. The markets are similar to butcher shops for beef and pork products. Fish for pets are sold... Read More »

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Where does all the electronic stuff not sold at the store end up ?

I live in Philadelphia and i need to know any store where i can buy "a fresh mullet" fish?

What type of General electric rotisserie ovens are sold at walmart?

Shouldn't be a problem. The 250V is likely a maximum rating and it is designed for 220-240 V service. Just make sure the current draw is less than the circuit breaker rating.

Is brand name paint sold at Wal-Mart have the same ingredients as brand name sold in independent stores Or do they change the ingredients for independent stores?

it really isn't a matter of what the majority of people say is a good job to have, but instead what it is you personally enjoy to do.