What is the general group disability payout for individuals?

Answer If I am reading the question correctly you are asking how much you would collect on disability on a group claim. The answer to that would be on your employers policy. Every policy is differant for ... Read More »

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What is higher payout disability or unemployment?

Do a group of people have to take a cash payout if they win the lottery?

If a group of people share a single lottery ticket, the entire group is not necessarily forced to take the "cash option" payout. Each individual can generally decide for himself or herself whether ... Read More »

If you received a 1009R for a partial life insurance payout because of total disability which you paid the premium and the 1009R reads total disability do you report this to the IRS?

Yes, but you are not subject to the 10% early withdrawal penalty.

Disability Grants for Low Income Individuals?

It can be difficult for low income, disabled individuals to change their circumstances, with limited financial resources, and these individuals may not realize that assistance is available. Disabil... Read More »