What is the general cost of a 55 inch LCD TV?

Answer There is great variation in price for LCD TVs. A cheap model found on sale may be as cheap as 700 dollars or so while expensive 55 in LCD TVs may cost 3000 dollars or more. The thickness of the scr... Read More »

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What is the average cost for general liability and E and O insurance for General Contractors?

There are so many variables, you really should contact a multiline agent, or many agents, to get the quotes they will need to have information from you to properly quote these rates.

How much does it cost for General contractor general liability insurance?

The cost of general liability depends on.1) The type of contracting work you plan to do (Commercial, Residential, Demolion etc).2) The amount of work you plan to perform in a year.3) Your expect... Read More »

What is the cost of a 12 inch reflecting telescope?

The cost varies by manufacturer and model. For example, the Saxon Collapsible DOB 12-inch reflector retails for $2,499 or can be found on sale for $1,370 as of February 2010. The high-end Takaha... Read More »

What is the general cost of granite?

The general cost of granite for home decorating use is between $55 and $75 per square foot as of 2010. This price has come down significantly as granite has become a more commonly used material in ... Read More »