What does"per capita"mean?

Answer Per capita is a Latin term that means "by head." It is commonly used to convey the income level in a specific country or area. For example, an area with a total income of $500,000 and 100 residents... Read More »

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How do I Calculate a Per Capita of 10,000?

Per capita means the rate of something per person. So if there are 10,000 people then you will need a variable that applies to the 10,000, such as the income per capita. Income per capita will show... Read More »

How do i calculate gdp per capita?

Gross Domestic ProductFind the gross domestic product of the country whose per capita GDP you wish to calculate. This information is available from multiple sources, including the CIA World Factboo... Read More »

How to Calculate Real GDP Per Capita?

Commonly used as a measure of economic health, gross domestic product (GDP) is an economic term that is used to provide a monetary value to all the finished goods and services produced in a country... Read More »

What is power parity per capita?

According to Success and Culture, purchasing power parity per capita (PPP) is a figure that represents the average income per person adjusted for the cost of living. This tells an economist how muc... Read More »