What is the gas mileage for a 2004 Honda Civic?

Answer The 2004 Honda Civic gets 26 miles per gallon in the city, 31 mpg on the highway and a combined mpg of 28, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. However, this is the standard fuel efficiency.... Read More »

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What is the gas mileage on a Honda Civic?

According to the Fuel Economy government website, the 2010 Honda Civic averages a combined 29 miles per gallon, with 25 in the city and 36 on the highway. This is for the 1.8 L, 4-cylinder engine w... Read More »

Does the Honda Civic have poor gas mileage?

On One Hand: It's Good for Its Class.According to, the non-hybrid 2010 Honda Civic with a four-cylinder engine and an automatic transmission gets 25 miles per gallon in the city and... Read More »

What should the air pressure be in a 2004 Honda Civic?

Some owners of 2004 Honda Civics inflate tires to 32-35 pounds per square inch, but the manufacturer recommends the tires on a 2004 Civic should be inflated to 30 psi. For safety reasons, owners of... Read More »

Where Is the Air Filter on a 2004 Honda Civic?

Every 10,000 miles, you should check your air filter. If it is clogged with dirt, your engine will have to work harder, because the air that should be flowing to it is restricted. This can increase... Read More »