What is the gardening tool used to dig hole in ground?

Answer It's one of the shovel upgrades.

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Is there a gardening tool tool that starts with X?

What is the best tool to cut a hole into an acrylic sheet?

Acrylic sheet can be cut or drilled using a type of power equipment called a hole saw. This is a cylindrical tool with special teeth that can drill through acrylic sheets. According to San Diego Pl... Read More »

Which gardening tool to use for pulling weeds?

Use them all, but be delicate:Terry - liquor him up and have him pull weeds at a fever pitch for 8 minutes, the let him lie in the garden to sleep it off.Jimmy next - bury a grilled cheese sandwich... Read More »

What minerals can be used in gardening?

Answer Square Foot Gardening is a method popularized by Mel Bartholomew in the 1980's. Still active in the field, he has revised the original book (just found it; will buy it soon). His basis is t... Read More »