What kind of golf balls fly the furthest?

Answer There are at least four brands of golf balls claiming to fly the furthest, according to Golf Link. Bridgestone manufactures the "e5" and "e6," known for their ability to fly far and straight. Maxfl... Read More »

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Which town is the furthest north in Alaska?

The city of Barrow is the northernmost town in both the state of Alaska and the North American continent. Incorporated in 1958, Barrow is located about 725 air miles north of Anchorage and has a po... Read More »

What is the furthest point south on the Earth's surface?

The South Pole is the furthest point south on the Earth's surface. It is located at a latitude of 90 degrees South, on the continent of Antarctica. The South Pole is defined by the Earth's axis of ... Read More »

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