What is the funniest thing you've ever heard a child say?

Answer When my son was a baby, I had a two year old daughter. She was watching me apply diaper cream to the yeast infection on his bottom and asked me, "Mommy, why are you putting that stuff on him"? I ... Read More »

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What is the funniest thing you heard your child say to you responding to a question or comment?

I was pregnant at the time and my best friends daughter (age 6) and I were talking about the baby. She told me she wanted to talk to the baby. She looked at me very seriously and asked me to open... Read More »

What is the funniest song you've ever heard?

anything by insane clown posse,they rip up everyone with no many to list. but the dating game is a good one,so is fat sweaty betty....also i heard this song called dear penis

What's the funniest song you've ever heard?

I'm Bo yolook it up on youtube, it is funnyhelp me on mine please?;…

What is the funniest name of a Recipe you have ever heard ?

On a recent visit to our veterinarian to get shots for our cat I found this recipe on the waiting room bulletin board:Kitty Litter CakeCAKE INGREDIENTS:1 box spice or German chocolate cake mix1 box... Read More »