What is the function of the swim bladder?

Answer The swim bladder is found in most bony fish and helps control density to prevent sinking or floating. According to the Journal of Experimental Biology, scientists still don't understand all the fun... Read More »

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What Are the Functions of a Swim Bladder?

The swim bladder is a significant adaptation found in most ray-finned fish (teleosts) that serves multiple functions including buoyancy control. The swim bladder is essentially a gas bag located wi... Read More »

Swim Bladder Illnesses?

The swim bladder is an organ in a fish that is used to regulate buoyancy. If a fish develops a swim bladder illness, it will not be able to regulate its position in the water. Instead, it will floa... Read More »

Swim Bladder Disease Treatment?

Swim bladder disease, or swim bladder disorder, occurs when the swim bladder (a gas-filled sac located toward the fish's tail, which assists with buoyancy) is compromised because of distention in t... Read More »

Swim Bladder Treatment for a Goldfish?

Although all fish can get swim bladder disease, sometimes called "flipover," such problems occur more commonly in fancy goldfish such as orandas, fantails and black moors. As "short-bodied" goldfis... Read More »