What is the function of the human body immune system?

Answer The immune system is made up of multiple different organs throughout your body, such as the spleen, lymph nodes, thymus and bone marrow. According to Medline Plus, the immune system functions to pr... Read More »

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How does the body's immune system work with a vaccine?

Vaccines take advantage of the body's immune system's way of fighting pathogens. When your body is exposed to some pathogen, which has various antigens on its surface, the immune system would start... Read More »

Do you feel optimistic about this vaccine that would use the body's immune system to treat cancer?

As a cancer survivor, I say Yeah! It is time for other treatments. The ones that are currently available are worse than the disease. They kill even the good cells and leave the patient with a host ... Read More »

How to Learn and Understand the Function of the Various Cells in the Human Body?

The various types of cells of the human body are discussed in the context of this article as far as its physiological roles in the body are concerned.

The Endocrine System of the Human Body?

The endocrine system includes organs and glands that produce and secrete hormones to regulate and coordinate many of the body’s functions. Hormones (chemical substances) are released directly int... Read More »