What is the function of the enzyme pepsin?

Answer The human digestive system is an amazing and complex system to which many scientists devote their entire lives studying. The digestive system uses a variety of enzymes to help break down the food w... Read More »

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What is the pH of pepsin?

The optimum pH value of pepsin is 2. Pepsin is an enzyme created in the stomach and used to break down proteins to aid in digestion. PH is a measure of the degree of acidity or alkalinity of a subs... Read More »

Industrial Uses of Pepsin?

Pepsin is a digestive enzyme---specifically, a protease---manufactured in the stomach. Enzymes are chemicals, usually proteins, that catalyze biochemical reactions. Pepsin forms in the acid environ... Read More »

Analysis of Pepsin?

Pepsin is found in the stomach and is the main digestive aid, breaking down food proteins into peptides. Pepsin is an enzyme, protein and catalyst, which means that it accelerates chemical reactions.

PH of Catalase Vs. Pepsin?

Pepsin and catalase are enzymes--proteins that catalyze or speed up reactions. Like all proteins, their functions are determined by their structures, so if the pH is outside their optimal range the... Read More »