What is the function of prop root?

Answer the function of the prop root is achor the plant to the ground & absorb water

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What Is the Function of the Root of the Sweet Potato Plant?

The sweet potato vine (Ipomoea batatas) grows profusely, often stretching 30 feet or more across the ground. Its roots dig into the soil for hydration, nutrition, and sometimes to feed humans and a... Read More »

Search function in excel alongside of a time/date function?

dont worry about the AM and PM....the Am and PM are only formatting....they arent really part of the number or just need to check if your times go past midnight...and add 1 if it i... Read More »

How can you 'regrow' the root nerve and pulp of a tooth after a reckless dentist has removed them in preparation for an unnecessary root canal?

The nerve can not regenerate in a tooth, instead what is left of it will eventually die. You would be better off having the root canal treatment completed and if it is a back tooth you NEED a crown... Read More »

Prop 8....................?

THIS IS A LONG RESPONSE... READ IT ALL BEFORE YOU "RATE"I understand where the anger and frustration comes about prop 8 passing. Well, let me begin on how I feel. One thing that angers me is how ma... Read More »