What is the function of pollen grains?

Answer Pollen is a sticky powder that is produced by the male parts of flowering plants. It is an important part in the process of plant pollination and reproduction.StructureFlowering plants have male an... Read More »

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Where do pollen grains develop?

Pollen grains are developed in the anther of a flower. One anther can produce thousands of pollen grains. Pollen is then moved from one plant's anther by wind, water or living organisms and lands i... Read More »

Where are the pollen grains on a flowering plant?

Pollen grains are formed on the anther, or the male part, of a flowering plant. The anther is a thick top section of the stamen. The anther releases the pollen grains when they are mature.Reference... Read More »

Where in a flower are pollen grains produced?

Flowers are the reproductive organs of some plants, and each flower contains male and female parts. The anther, located in a male reproductive organ called the stamen, produces the flower’s polle... Read More »

How are stigma&pollen grains adapted for pollination?

All living organisms must adapt in order to survive. Plants adapt to assure their own survival, in part by fine tuning their reproductive processes, making it easier for them to pollinate. Specific... Read More »