What is the function of ovaries of flowers?

Answer The ovaries of a flower serve as a protective home for the seeds as they develop. The ovary becomes fertilized and becomes bigger, forming either a single fruit or a group clustered together.Source... Read More »

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What is the function of flowers?

Flowers range from the barely noticeable to the exquisite to the outlandish. Few would notice the flowers on stems of grass, but everyone will notice an orchid. Regardless of aesthetics, flowers se... Read More »

What do large ovaries during pregnancy mean?

My OB/GYN told me that when a woman gets pregnant, the ovary that she ovulated from that month was going to be much bigger than the other one.

What does it mean when lower back hurt along with ovaries?

What Factors Cause Cut Flowers to Die Faster Than Flowers Left on the Plant?

Flowers in all forms, whether adding color to a garden or brightening a room in a floral display, provide pleasure and gladden the senses. Every flower has a limited lifespan but some will lose pet... Read More »