What is the function of a sump pump?

Answer A sump pump prevents water damage in a basement by periodically flushing away water that has collected around the foundation.WaterWater can collect around the foundation of a house because of poor ... Read More »

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What size sump pump to put in?

You have to calculate the rainfall for that area to get the correct gpm. You need to include variables like rain gutters, also include all flat areas you must do length times width including roof d... Read More »

What is a sump pump check valve?

Installing a sump pump can be a good defense for flooding of a basement. A properly working check valve on the pump will save wear and tear on the machine.DefinitionA sump pump check valve keeps pu... Read More »

What type of oil should be put into a sump pump?

The type of oil that should be put into a sump pump is dielectric mineral oil, also called compressor oil or electric transformer oil. It is sold by air-conditioning repair and home supply stores.S... Read More »

What type of inverter is needed for a sump pump?

The proper sump pump battery backup inverter must handle 10 to 20 percent more wattage (amps times volts) than the pump. An induction motor sump pump inverter may need from three to seven times tha... Read More »