What is the function of a printer?

Answer Printers are very useful devices. Almost every household with a computer will have a printer. Also, companies like Dell and Hewlett-Packard sell printers with their computers as bundles. A printed ... Read More »

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What is the function of a drum in a printer?

A laser printer charges the drum with electricity in the shape of the letters or image to be printed. Toner is applied to the drum, which sticks to the charged areas. When the drum touches paper, t... Read More »

Need help with multi-function printer...PLEASE?

I know this may seem silly like the "is it plugged in?" but bear with me.1. Have your tried plugging it into a different outlet?2. Can you swap power plugs with a different item (sorry couldn't f... Read More »

I want to disable copy function from my hp printer?

I see no way to disable the copy function, it is rare to have a plotter in this type of environment so HP hasn't had to consider that type of a software change. If you're worrying too much about th... Read More »

Will Epson TX121x scanner function even if the printer is out of ink?

Epson Help @ 877-867-0212, and support site… is great and wins for best price/feature comparison, best warranty and lowest cost of ink. You can't beat the... Read More »