What is the function of a motorcycle seat?

Answer A motorcycle seat seems like a simple part that doesn't require much consideration. However, a seat has many functions on a motorcycle, ranging from providing rider comfort to the protection of cri... Read More »

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What can a motorcycle do that a car can't in terms of function, i mean?

Ride on one wheel for a long time and ride on two wheels all day.

What Is the Function of the Stator on a Sportster Motorcycle?

The stator is an integral component within the alternator-based charging system used by Harley-Davidson Sportster motorcycles to replenish the battery while the motorcycle is in operation. The sta... Read More »

Motorcycle riders, the gear you wear; STYLE OR FUNCTION?

My husband wears me on the back of his bike... makes him look good. Otherwise he wears functional stuff. Style and function all in one baby!

How to Put a Harley Seat on an XJ Motorcycle?

Yamaha's XJ series motorcycles were produced during the early 1980s in several different body styles. While the majority of the XJ-series were sport-focused machines, the Maxim 550 and 650 models d... Read More »