What is the function of a computer chip?

Answer A computer chip is a small, square bit of material, usually silicon, that holds a large number of transistors and data-transmission devices as well as the central processing unit (CPU).TransistorsA... Read More »

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Is there a certain chip inside a computer that will show you everything that you ever had on your computer?

go to and download a program called "recuva'use this to scan your entire hard drive and it will show all the files that have been deleted but not yet overwritten. its not a guarantee b... Read More »

What is the function of RAM in computer and how does its speed affect computer?

Ram is Random Access Memory, or what people think of as "Memory". Instructions are executed out of memory, so your computer cannot operate without it. Memory speed can be a limiting factor for yo... Read More »

How big is a computer chip?

The first chip was engineered by Jack Kilby for Texas Instruments. This integrated circuit measured 7/16 by 1/16-inches. The functionality of chips continues to increase as the size gets smaller, ... Read More »

What is the name of the first computer ram chip?

The very first RAM chip was part of a four-component group called the MCS-4 and was designed by Intel in 1969. The chips were created for the Intel 4004, which was the first microprocessor to go on... Read More »