What is the name of the cartoon with the hippo ballerina?

Answer I don't know if this is the one you're thinking of, but there is a segment in the Disney movie Fantasia that is a hippopotamus/crocodile ballet set to The Dance of the Hours, possibly more widely k... Read More »

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What was the full name of the fictional character known as 'Mr. Belvedere' in the sitcom of the same name?

The full name of the character known as "Mr. Belvedere" was Lynn Aloysius Belvedere. The sitcom was based on the novel "Belvedere" by Gwen Davenport.

What is full name of usb ?

USB = Universal Serial Bus. It is a device when connected to your computer will help you to connect up to 127 other devices without disturbing the computer. No extra ports are required in computer ... Read More »

What is the full name of CIA?

What is the full name of BBC?

British Broadcasting Corporation.