What is the full form of af-s and af-f in nikon d5100?

Answer Yes in non i-ttl auto and manual

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Which camera would you choose to replace a Nikon D40 ..A Nikon D90 or a Nikon D5100?

They're both great cameras. I was trying to decide between D5100 & D7000 to replace my D100, so I went to a store and held both. The D5100 just feels too small in my hands. Some people love that... Read More »

Canon t3i, Nikon D3200, Nikon D5100, or Nikon D3100?

If you think it matters, you aren't ready for a DSLR.Pentax do the same job and Olympus are lighter - but only intelligent people have heard of them.

Canon 600D / Nikon D3200 / Nikon D5100?

This type of question gets asked about which Camera Manufacture, Camera Model is better, recommended, or “Which One I Should Get” far too often.It comes down to personal preference where some m... Read More »

What Mic should you get for a Nikon D5100?

I bout a sony mic. It is my first sony, and the best mic i ever had it works super on the d5100 hope it helps :)