What is a French word for lounge?

Answer the lounge is called "le salon" in French, or "le living-room".

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What is the French word for diamonds?

The precious gem diamond is translated as "diamant" in French. However, if you are referring to the diamond shape, the word in French is "losange," or if you are talking about the card suite of dia... Read More »

What is the French word for soup?

The literal French translation for soup is "soupe." However, "potage" is another commonly used French word for soup. "Soupe" refers to general and more rustic soups, such as French onion soup, wher... Read More »

What does the French word"quel"mean?

If you want to ask a question in French, you will most likely begin with the word quel. It means who, what, which, whatever or whoever. The feminine version of the work quel is quelle, as in "Que... Read More »

What is the French word for the symbol on a Navy CPO selectee name tag?

The symbol used on a Navy Chief Petty Officer is universally a fouled (nautical) anchor with USN inscribed; the U stands for unity, S for service and N for navigation. In French, the word is medail... Read More »