French foreign legion joining the foreign legion?

Answer Hope you realise that you can't just join the French Foreign Legion, you need to go through a preselection process which includes medical, physical fitness, and psychological tests. If you pass th... Read More »

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What happens to retired french foreign legion?

You can go into paid pension after 15 years of service no matter how old you are. or if you get wounded so that you are not combat fit anymore. you get taken care of very well as an ex FFL and the ... Read More »

Does the french foreign legion still exist in 2007?

Answer Yes the french foreign legion still exists if you google it you will find all the information.

Can you join the french foreign legion if im awol?

AWOL from the British Army.. Yes i know someone who did it but don't be shocked when it catches up with you.

Can someone with a criminal record join the French Foreign Legion?

In the past, many people enlisted in the French Foreign Legion in an attempt to avoid going to jail. Now, the organization conducts a criminal history check and criminals are not accepted. Minor ci... Read More »