What is the freezing point of methanol under pressure?

Answer The freezing point of methanol, also known as methyl alcohol, under atmospheric pressure is -137ËšF (-93.9ËšC). Methanol is a very hygroscopic colorless alcohol that burns with a non-luminous flame... Read More »

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What is the freezing point of methanol ch3oh?

Methanol (also called methyl alcohol, chemical formula CH3OH) is a colorless liquid used in making formaldehyde, windshield wash fluid antifreeze, and alternative fuels. It is used in products that... Read More »

Does pressure lower the freezing point of water?

For water, the freezing temperature rises slightly when atmospheric pressure is low. Conversely, higher pressure will result in a slight lowering of water's freezing temperature. Therefore, the fre... Read More »

What is the boiling point and freezing point of gold?

Gold is a transition metal with a boiling point of approximately 2,807 degrees Celsius, or 5,084 degrees Fahrenheit. Its freezing point (and melting point) is approximately 1,064 degrees Celsius, o... Read More »

How to Find the Boiling Point From the Freezing Point?

Each liquid has a specific temperature at which it turns into a solid called its freezing point. For water, its freezing point is 0 degrees Celsius. The freezing point of a liquid is the same as th... Read More »