What is the freezing point of DI water?

Answer According to the Material Safety Data Sheet of Siemens Water Technologies, a leading international company specializing in the water treatment market, the freezing point of deionized, or DI, water ... Read More »

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What is the freezing point of water at 150 psi?

At 150 psi, water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the same temperature at which it freezes at standard atmospheric pressure, which is approximately 15 psi. As pressure increases, the free... Read More »

What temperature is the freezing point for water?

Water freezes at a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius, or 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The boiling point of water is 100 degrees Celsius, or 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Anders Celsius used water's freezing and... Read More »

What is the freezing point of cold water?

Water freezes once its temperature reaches 32 degrees Farenheit or 0 degrees Celsius. If you add any foreign substance to water, however, its freezing point drops below 0 degrees Celsius.References... Read More »

What is the freezing point of sugar water?

Sugar water has a lower freezing point than plain water. For example, sugar water made of 50g to 117g sugar water will result in a freezing point of 27.8 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 4.2 degrees l... Read More »