Im buying a condo as a forcloser from Wells Fargo bank im in cntract the pres of board says it fraud he wants to buy it in the amendment it says they have first dibs amendment is from 1965?

Answer The governing documents may dictate who can purchase the unit. You may need a condominium-savvy attorney to help you interpret the documents.

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Im having a party for my fourteenth?

Songs:Grenade- Bruno MarsSky fall- AdeleWhen i was your man- Bruno MarsYou belong with me- Taylor swiftsome good artists are:One direction Justin BieberThe wantedLittle MixBruno MarsAdeleBlack eyed... Read More »

How to Perform the Fourteenth Card Trick?

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Stuff to do for my fourteenth birthday im a boy i want about four to six guests girl and boy?

Arcade, car racing, pool party, dinner then sleepover, snowboard riding, and maybe movies It depends on your location curfew and budget but happy early birthday!!!!!!!

What was Ellen's clue of the day on February fourteenth 2012?

We saw an elephant cross the screen, but that wasn't one of today's options. WTH?