What is the formula to calculate BMI?

Answer The formula for BMI, or body mass index, using kilograms and meters is weight (kg) / height (m)^2. The formula for BMI using pounds and inches is (weight in pounds/height in inches^2) x 703. (Note ... Read More »

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How to Calculate APR Formula?

Most loans are expressed as an APR, or annual percentage rate. An APR is the effective total cost of borrowing and includes all interest, fees and points paid. The actual APR of a loan can someti... Read More »

How to Calculate Future Value Formula?

A future value calculation shows how much a sum of money will be worth at a certain point into the future when earning a set interest rate. Future value is useful for calculating returns on such in... Read More »

What is the formula to calculate distance?

The formula to calculate distance is: Distance = Rate x Time. For example, a car is traveling at 60 mph and drives for 2 hours. To find the distance traveled, you set up the problem as: 60 mph x 2 ... Read More »

How to Calculate the Kelly Formula?

The Kelly formula (also know as Kelly criterion and Kelly strategy) is a betting strategy often used in horse racing and poker. The formula is designed to give you the best growth rate and is often... Read More »