Is sea salt any different from table salt, or is it better for your health to eat sea salt than regular salt?

Answer Sea salt is considered by some to be a healthier alternative to table salt, since it lacks artificial chemicals used in processing. Despite the iodine content of seawater, however, sea salt typical... Read More »

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What is free running salt Is it iodized or can it be used for table salt?

What is better iodized salt or table salt?

I always buy iodized salt because it provides Iodine. Iodine is not produced by the body. If you don't use salt or eat processed foods, there is a chance you could develop an iodine deficiency.Io... Read More »

What is the difference between sea salt&table salt?

Sea salt and table salt, while both made up of sodium chloride, are derived from different sources and have different tastes, textures and uses.SourcesSea salt is derived naturally from evaporated ... Read More »

Does sea salt have less sodium than table salt?

Today's cooks often have pantries stocked with several different salt products. In many kitchens, sea salt has replaced table salt as the standby. But does sea salt have less sodium than table salt... Read More »