What is the formula for square inches?

Answer The area of a rectangle is equal to one side multiplied by the other side. This is measured as square inches, or inches squared. The area of a square that has two five-inch sides is 25 square inche... Read More »

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How to Convert Square Inches to Square Centimeters?

A square inch, primarily used in the United States or England, stands for a unit of measurement of an area. The International System of Units (SI) defines the square meter to express an area size; ... Read More »

How to convert square inches to square feet?

Total square inches divided by 144 = square ft.

The Conversion of Square Inches to Square Feet?

Knowing how to convert square inches to square feet is a must for those who want to remodel their homes. That's because building structures are often measured in units of square feet, but the mater... Read More »

How many 9 inch square floor tiles are needed to cover a rectangular floor that measures 144 inches by 180 inches?

2880 exactly, but if this is ceramic tiles you have to account for grout lines. extras would be recommended