What is the chemical formula for acetic anhydride?

Answer The molecular (chemical) formula for acetic anhydride is (CH3CO)2O (or also can be written as C4H6O3). Acetic anhydride is also known as acetyl oxide. This chemical is used in the production of asp... Read More »

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What chemical is formed by adding sodium chloride to acetic acid?

Does acetic acid vinegar or lemon juice kill mildew?

White vinegar (acetic acid) may be used to kill mildew. The North Carolina Cooperative Extension service recommends using a solution made of vinegar, ammonia, washing soda and warm water to clean m... Read More »

What is the chemical formula for hydrosulfuric acid?

Hydrosulfuric acid is just another name for hydrogen sulfide. Its molecular (or chemical) formula is H2S, which means each molecule has two atoms of hydrogen (H) and one of sulfur (S).Source:Chemin... Read More »

What is the chemical formula for hydrobromic acid?

The chemical formula for hydrobromic acid is HBr. The formula indicates that one molecule of hydrobromic acid contains one atom of hydrogen and one atom of bromine. Hyrdobromic acid is also known a... Read More »