What is the format for writing comic books?

Answer There is no absolute standard format for writing comic books, but there are commonly understood rules of thumb to provide clarity and communicate key concepts to the artists who will eventually int... Read More »

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How to Convert Comic Books to Digital Format?

If you have a large collection of paper comic books you would like to enjoy reading without worrying about exposing them to the wear and tear of turning the pages or the oils from your fingers, and... Read More »

Laws for Writing & Publishing Comic Books?

Getting straight answers about copyright issues can be difficult in any creative field, particularly the world of comic books. However, comic book creators have some recourse to avoid exploitation ... Read More »

How many Spider-Man comic books are there?

As of 2010, 636 Spider-Man comic books have been released, as well as 37 annuals featuring the superhero. Spider-Man was first introduced to readers in 1962, when he was created by Stan Lee and Ste... Read More »

How to Preserve Your Comic Books?

Comic book collecting has become a popular hobby in the last several decades. If you're fortunate enough to own mint-condition comics from the 1940s and 1950s, you'll want to store your comic books... Read More »