What is the formal word for fridge?

Answer Refrigerator

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How to Word a Formal Invite for a Presentation?

At any formal presentation, such as one for a medical or academic conference, the presenter is only half of the equation; the audience is the other half. However skilled you may be, your presentati... Read More »

On Microsoft Word, what do you think is the best size and which font should you use for formal work?

fonts 10-12 are generally accepted, always use Arial or Times New Roman as any other font will look strange on someone else's PC if they don't have the same font as you have chosen to use. but thos... Read More »

Why some siblings after growing up become formal with each other like outsiders are formal to each other?

I believe this is because as people grow and mature they change. When you are not around while this is happening you often don't know how they are feeling or how they changed. This could happen bec... Read More »

Science question Will beer chill faster in an empty fridge or a full fridge?

As an HVAC Master Mechanic I can say the difference would be negligible. To some extent it would depend on the size of the compressors in each fridge and the amount of air flow in each plus some es... Read More »