Ate to much today, do i eat less tomorrow?

Answer 250 calories over one day is not going to make a huge difference.Eat your 1250 tomorrow to maintain nutrition levels.The bigger problem is you are already at a calorie deficit of 250 calories a day... Read More »

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Been invited to a hot tub party tomorrow but i came on today?

stick one up there and go have fun hunny!

I ate badly today will it have an impact on my weigh in tomorrow?

You didn't go over your calorie limit, so I doubt you'll gain weight. When losing weight just try to avoid eating "empty calories" that don't give you real energy, but just get stored as fat (but v... Read More »

Is "Hair today, gone tomorrow" a good slogan?

"Gone today, hair tomorrow" might work better.

I sprained my ankle today, what can I do to make it hurt less by tomorrow?

you will take a pain killer and you won't feel any pain and you will do great in your match and by then you would have destroyed your ligaments and would have chronic inflammations in your ankle th... Read More »