What is the food web of a gray wolf?

Answer Gray wolves, also called timber wolves, once thrived in North America and could be found in various places throughout the world. Today the population of gray wolves has been drastically reduced, cr... Read More »

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How to Draw a Gray Wolf?

The gray wolf, or timber wolf, is a North American carnivorous animal that is related to the Canidae family. As this group of mammals is similar to large-bred domesticated dogs, you may notice the ... Read More »

The Reasons for the Endangerment of the Gray Wolf?

The gray wolf, also known as the timber wolf, is the largest of the 41 species from the dog family Canidae. The gray wolf is a predator. It will hunt and eat any mammal or bird that it can catch. H... Read More »

What Type of Land Does the Gray Wolf Live in?

The gray wolf (or grey wolf) is one of the most adaptable creatures in nature -- at one time, it was the world's most widely distributed mammal. Originally the wolves were native to all of North Am... Read More »

Where does a wolf fit into a food web?

Wolves are examples of apex predators. No other predatory animals hunt apex predators for food. Apex predators hunt animals for food and curb populations of many lesser species on the environmentâ€... Read More »