What is the food chain of the deep sea anglerfish?

Answer The deep sea anglerfish is a small round fish that uses a bioluminescent "fishing pole" attached to the top of its head to attract prey. This fearsome looking fish can be found all across the globe... Read More »

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Which fast food chain serves the worst food?

White Castle. Any food joint that gives away car fresheners with an order has to be gross.

How deep do you plant a line post for a chain link fence?

Chain link fence line post holes should be between 18 and 36 inches deep, depending on soil factors and frost level for the given area. A good rule of thumb is a post hole depth should be one-third... Read More »

Food! What popular food chain would you like to see in your town?

Bahama Breeze, PF Changs, EL Torito, Pei Wei, CPK, Cheesecake Factory, TGIFs...We actually have all of these restaurants, I would just like them closer to my location

Example of food chain?

Mvdonalds, Smoothie king, KFC etc etcthere are so many!!!