What is the flower for the month of November?

Answer Answer Novembers flower is the Chrysanthemum

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Beast Cancer Awareness Month is almost over. What kind of Awareness Month is November?

Diabetes. for reals. Send me a box of chocolates.Yeah that sugar free stuff has that sorbitol crap that may cause a laxative effect. LOL Some of that stuff is really no better for you than the ... Read More »

Bulletin Board Ideas for the Month of November?

"Take a Hike Day," "You're Welcome Day," "World Peace Day" and "Homemade Bread Day" are just a few of the off-the-wall holidays labeled in November. Celebrate traditional holidays and a few nontrad... Read More »

I had a girl friend 2011 november i did sex with her after 13 month it mean 2013 january i donated my blood in?

It is quite difficult to understand what your question is asking.So, you had sex with a girl in Nov. 2011 and now in Jan 2013 you donated blood. Did you show up positive for HIV or are you worri... Read More »

What flower is associated with the month of December?

By custom, Christmas has three flowers associated with it. The poinsettia, with its red bracts properly colored for Christmas; the Christmas rose, which blooms in December; and the narcissus, a tra... Read More »