What is the flip camera?

Answer Introduced by Pure Digital Technologies in 2006, the Flip camera is a simple, compact and affordable video recording device. Designed with the online generation in mind, the "Flip cam" is tailored ... Read More »

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What the PHUCK! My Flip Video camera?

Sorry, your Flip is phucked. Bad flash memory. Happens (not alot, but does happen). Return it, you can't fix it.

What is your opinion of the Flip(video camera)?

my mom has one for the family on trips and they are AWESOME u can do so much with it! if you record a video and u like part of a video you can go threw the video and pick a part of it as a picture!... Read More »

Can you use a flip video camera as a camera?

The software that comes with the Flip video camera has a Snap button that allows you to capture a still image from the video file. The camera itself does not take still pictures.

How do i fix my flip camera?

Try a camera reset:Hold the power button down for 10 seconds and then check and see if the camera has unfrozen. Then power the camera off and leave untouched for about 15 seconds. Then turn the cam... Read More »