When will Yahoo Answers have a section dedicated to custard and custard based activity?

Answer Are You blind, Rotters or just a newb, try law and order & policing, custardy

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Can i make a banana custard pie using a banana custard powder that i mix with milk?

If you bake the crust first, then fill it with packaged custard, no you don't need to put it back in the oven. Slather it in whipped cream and chocolate curls and refrigerate.

Have you ever had Culvers?

Mmmm ButterBurgers... Cheese Curds....I love that place.

How much do you get paid at Culvers?

I was a Team Member this summer and in Minnesota they paid me $6.75. Danielle minimum wage in Minnesota is 7.25 now so that's not accurate

What flavor lollipop has the dullest flavor?