What is the flag of England called?

Answer The flag of England is called the "Union Jack." It was created by combining the flags of Scotland, England and Wales, and Ireland. The term "jack" is thought to come from the 17th-century British t... Read More »

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What does the flag of England symbolize?

England's flag, known as the Union Jack, also represents the United Kingdom. The blue, white, and red crosses symbolize the three sovereign nations of the U.K.: England and Wales, (Northern) Irelan... Read More »

What is England's CIA called?

What is the money called in england?

Currency in England is called the pound sterling, or pound. In slang, it is sometimes referred to as "quid." One pound contains 100 pence. The currency code for the British pound sterling is GBP.So... Read More »

What is money called in England?

The pound sterling, commonly known as the pound, is the main currency in England, according to Kit Dawnay in an October 2001 article for Telegraph. The pound has been around for 1200 years, origina... Read More »