What is the first step to take when the cord is prolapsed?

Answer autosomal dominant

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What will take place in the umbilical cord when the baby first fully uses the lungs?

Fetal Circulatory System The baby's circulatory system works differently when he's in the womb than it does after birth. During pregnancy, the mother's placenta transfers nutrients and highly oxyg... Read More »

How to Take the First Step to the Rest of Your Life?

Liking who you are is very important. If we don't accept and like ourselves, we have a very hard time believing that others can.If there are things that you don't like about yourself or parts of yo... Read More »

When is surgery necessary for a prolapsed bladder?

On One Hand: Assess Your SymptomsMany women may have a prolapsed bladder and never know it. However, some experience symptoms including difficulty urinating, involuntary release of urine (urinary i... Read More »

When was the first cord blood transplant?

Cord blood transplants utilize the stem cells within an infant umbilical cord. The first such transplant was performed in 1988, when blood cells from a newborn were used to successfully treat a six... Read More »