What is the first step to put a child up for adoption?

Answer You will come across many adoption agencies that feel that a person should be between the ages of twenty-five and forty in order to raise a child. If you are younger, it may be a good idea to wait ... Read More »

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What is the first step on starting an adult adoption?

Does UK legislation allow for the adoption of an adult step child?

No. A person can not be adopted once they reach the age of 18 in the UK.

First mothers what would you tell a woman considering adoption for their child?

I'd say that I know how easy it is to decide that you are going to place your child for adoption, but how hard it is to listen to everyone else have an opinion about that.So that being said... "Wh... Read More »

If a man signs over his rights because that is what the son wants to be adopted by his step father if the court allows it what happens if the step father backs out of the adoption?

If the step father backed out of the adoption before it was finalized, then the child is still legally yours. Even though you said that was what your son wanted, I would strongly advise not giving ... Read More »