What is the first step in becoming a vegetarian?

Answer dont eat meat you ding dong

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What is the first step to becoming an RN?

Registered Nurses are in great demand with an ever-increasing need in today's health care community. There is a process towards the extensive level of training that is required. The first course of... Read More »

The First Step to Becoming a Doctor?

Many doctors find their careers rewarding and exciting. To consider a career in medicine takes preparation and planning during college. The first steps to becoming a doctor include networking, obta... Read More »

Tips for becoming a first time Vegetarian & Possibly food recipes?

When I was a vegetarian (I'm now a vegan), I was super scared. Are there things I can't eat? What about my favorite meals? Fortunately, there are a lot of substitutes. They have vegetarian hot dogs... Read More »

Vegetarian Chef: My very young son has expressed an interest in becoming a chef, however he is a vegetarian.?

(I'm assuming you aren't veg)How young is very young? Pre-school? High school? He needs to start out by learning how to cook in YOUR kitchen. Are YOU teaching him cooking? As a veg he needs to kno... Read More »